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Play Together Creche welcomes children from 12 months up three years old.
Our opening hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.
We close only over the festive season, and all Bank/Public Holidays.
The creche is structured into different rooms based on your child’s development.
Although staff will always take the time to discuss your child’s day in person, parents can enjoy real time updates on their child’s
appetite, sleep patterns, meals and disposition through our childcare software, Little Vista.
Parents/guardians can enjoy peace of mind and rest assured your little one is in good hands. This is a private application and no
information on your child is shared beyond the registered parent/guardian and Play Together.


(12 – 18 months)

Our little Grasshoppers have time to explode and experiment independently. As their brains develop, our Grasshopper Lead Educator creates a jam-packed, fun filled day for all, using praise, encouragement, and positive attention to help them progress. You will see your child learn how to use those tiny fingers and notice an uptick in their mobility. Outdoor play is a big part of healthy growth, learning, development, and wellbeing for your child – and it’s great fun too! Playing outside gives your child the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. We play games, test physical limits, and allow children to express themselves, while also building their self-confidence. Our Grasshoppers need sleep to support their rapid metal and physical development, usually napping for 1-2 hours each day. Each child has their own cot, and we encourage a positive attitude towards sleep with a stay and support method to get them settled. We will keep you updated in real time via the Little Vista app so you can connect with your child’s day at any time


(18 – 22 months)

In our Caterpillar room your toddler is becoming more independent, from speaking a few words to putting full sentences together and dressing themselves. This is one of your child’s most important ages for emotional development, a time to learn all about their feelings, emotions, and how to express themselves. Play is central to Caterpillars’ learning. You will see our room transform from a restaurant to shops, and they will come home with new vocabulary, songs, and stories. Friendships that last a lifetime are created in the Caterpillar room, as the children learn positive social skills. They also learn how to explore and develop their own interests and cultures. Caterpillars need good sleep, as well as nutrition and exercise. Each child has their own bed, and transition periods from rest to play and vice-versa are done with ease and at the children’s pace. We use a stay and support method to establish positive sleep practices for your child. We will capture and communicate information and photos with you in real time about your child’s day and development with us via the Little Vista app.

Butterfly Room

(22 – 36 months)

Our Butterflies are preparing to take off and become confident, independent, and imaginative individuals. In our Butterfly Room we promote independence, social interaction, speech, imagination, and expression of feelings, along with respect for the feelings of friends. We love to explore dramatic play as our room transforms to a fire station, hospital, and post office, and we learn all about what grown-ups do for work. The Butterfly Educators will support your child’s practical skills and encourage independence as your child learns skills like putting on their own coat and shoes, cleaning themselves after meals, and learning to use the toilet and wash their hands. We will keep you updated in real time through our Little Vista app so you can stay connected to your child’s day throughout the day. The Educators will ensure that your child has the vital skills needed as they get ready to move onto ECCE preschool in our Church Rd Montessori Preschool facility!

Our Educators

In each room, your child will have a Lead Educator who completes their care routines, observes and records developmental milestones and carries out tailored educational activities with each child. Information on your child is recorded by the Educator on our early years software so parents can view pictures and videos of their child during the day. Parents and room Educators can also communicate with each other instantly and directly through the software.

Our Locations

Play Together Creche,
40 Crossneen Manor,
Leighlin Road,
R93 X5D0

Play Together Montessori & Afterschool,
c/o Carlow Educate Together N.S,
R93 TW74

Play Together Montessori Preschool,
Church Road,
R93 DX22